Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the skirt that saved my pregnancy

marimekko top
rebecca taylor cardigan
a.p.c. skirt
m.p. wool tights

this a.p.c. skirt is pretty much the only thing i can wear without throwing a hissy fit. remember those paige maternity jeans that i 'had' to have? well, they're still too big on me. at 35 weeks with 2 weeks til i'm full-term (and 2-6 weeks until the kicker makes his appearance), it is unlikely that i'm going to 'grow' into them any time soon.

but the skirt? the skirt is amazing. the best thing about it is that i'll be able to wear it next winter, too. i might make an emergency run to jcrew to pick up a few extra long tanktops in the next week or so, but otherwise, i'm all set.

midwife appointment update for anyone who's interested:
he's measuring exactly right and is head down (although flailing his little rump from side to side).
'where's the head?' one midwife asked.
'it's down here.....Deep.' the other one replied as she dug her hands into my lower abdomen.
'oh yes, now i can feel it.'
'where? where?' i asked as i tried to feel for his head. alas, i couldn't find a thing.

i'm also obsessed with this site about fetal positioning. it has completely changed the way i sit while at the computer.


Lucy said...

I only found out the other day that Lucy's back was to my back during her birth which made for excruxiating back pain. I take comfort in knowing that No 2 is facing the right way and hope like heck that this birth will be easier. I paticularly like the drawing on the belly of the Spinning Babies woman!

And I know what you mean about the right skirt. My Scanlan and Theodore knit skirt is just the ticket.

As for the birth, I'm taking Vitamin E as apparently it helps get things ready and makes for a better birth. Heck I'll try anything.

redfoxtailshrub said...

Asking pretty late now, so you may never see this, but I'm dying to know what the waist of this skirt looks like. Is it all knit of the same stuff? is there a drawstring?

erica said...

the waistband is also knit from the same yarn, but instead of a stockingette stitch, it's a vertical rib. are you a knitter? i think it would be easy-ish to make...

redfoxtailshrub said...

Thanks! Yes, I was thinking of trying to knit something like it -- probably without the pockets, unfortunately.