Thursday, January 29, 2009

netto crib and changing station

seen on odeedoh
changing station, $150
crib, $199

that's pretty darn cheap, considering they cost around $1275. slight seconds, but at that price, i wouldn't care if the finish were slightly imperfect.
still, nothing beats a $50 ikea gulliver crib and a $15 can of dark grey non-toxic paint.


tureckajana said...

Hi, this is Jana from the latest emails :). I just read your due date, February 24, and it´s my birthday :-).

g said...

hi erica.. just stumbled upon your blog from a cup of jo and read about this post regarding the non toxic paint on the crib. we're also thinking about doing the same thing, but i'm not sure where to get the paint/what kind/and if it'll stick onto the crib? can you tell me what you got and where you got it? would really appreciate it!!! congrats on the beautiful baby boy! (we're also expecting a boy in late july!!)

erica said...

hi g

we used mythic paint, which hardly smelled at all during the application. we also have a large air purifier, so that was kept on during the 3 days that it took us to paint the 4 layers. i think primer might be helpful, especially if your paint color choice is really dark. also, i've found that in a few small areas, the paint has come off, so i need to do a touch-up.

it looks like you can buy it online, but we bought it at our local Ace hardware shop.

good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! i highly recommend crawlers with attached handmitts and footies. it's such a pain to keep socks and mitts on squirmy little babies!

g said...

thank you! i will keep in mind the crawlers with attachments. just read your newest post -- good luck with your escape plan!