Sunday, January 11, 2009

plus ça change...

week 10

week 33

i really really miss jogging.


Sara said...

you are one of those super cute pregnant people.

re jogging, what about swimming? i've heard good things about it as a form of pregnant exercise.

erica said...

ah yes, the swimming. i've been trying to go at least once a week, and it's definitely one of the better forms of pregnant exercise, but i am so lazy when it comes to the gym.

i will admit it feels wonderful to be buoyant.

Lucy said...

You are a lithe wee thing, aren't you?! Your fitness will have you in great stead for the big day. It was only yesterday I was thinking how nice weightlessness would be right now.

Would love to see some of your nursery shots!

erica said...

i will post nursery shots later this month once matthew has time to paint and assemble the crib. i have lots of art that needs to be framed, too.

i don't know how i ended up amassing so many little posters and prints!