Wednesday, January 21, 2009

shopping for someone else for once in my life

makie wool fleece mitts and booties. $10 each, and they came in a lovely floral fabric bag. they will look perfect with his makie pixie pants.

egg by Susan Lazar cotton coveralls ($33) and Oeuf alpaca wool necktie ($25) at auto.

the sales have been really good, but i've been trying to practice a little self-control. honestly, i have too much clothing, and i'm in such a nutty phase of my life that i can't trust myself to buy something that i'll want to wear five months from now.

but, i couldn't resist picking up a few more things to outfit this winter baby.

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Lucy said...

Love the cotton overalls (I have a real thing about overalls/jumpsuits, etc). Yours will be one well-dressed little man! Buying clothes for him will no doubt override your desires. Someone told me that when I was pregnant with Lucy and I dare say it is true.