Monday, January 19, 2009


there are piles of heavy wet snow outside, but i'm already thinking about summer. if you have a sewing machine, i can't imagine it would be too difficult to make this little onesie. i really like clothing that isn't too close-fitting, and i can't imagine anything cuter than chubby little arms and thighs in this comfy outift.


Stephanie said...

My mother sewed clothes for my brother and sister and me, and she still says that little kid clothes are her favorite things to make - quick, easy, and over before you get tired of them.

And I agree - nothing cuter than chubby arms and legs and stripes! makie has the the sweetest designs.

erica said...

stripes are great for all ages!

my mom made an okurumi for the baby, and she was like, 'piece of cake!' puts me to shame, though.