Thursday, April 30, 2009

new bouncer

bought this baby bjorn baby sitter 1-2-3 (now discontinued) at a children's consignment shop for $30. they usually go for $60-90 on ebay and craigslist, so i've been feeling inordinately pleased with myself. sometimes leon loves his bouncer, sometimes not so much. but i can bring it into the bathroom when i'm showering so he won't become upset. huge brownie points for whoever came up with the design! he also loves his aden+anais muslin wraps. they're so soft and cuddly, i wish they came in grown up sizes--perfect as summer bedding.


Anonymous said...

leon has the most amazing face of any baby i've ever seen (and i've seen way too many babies)! my goodness! the way you capture him in your photographs is just so incredibly lovely!
i hope he gets better and you can figure out why he's crying not like he normally does. goodness me... poor kid. (and you and matthew)
i hope we have some sun this weekend so you can enjoy a lovely walk or something with your handsome little fella!

melissa k w said...

i've been looking for the same bouncer for a while. just can't bring myself to get the newest model for $170. so nice score! i love the gingham, too.

pam said...

Oh, he is delightfully gorgeous!! I love those fat little arms that look like they have rubber bands around the wrists. Good job, Erica!

erica said...


i'll let you know if i see any on craigslist for less than $50. it's so easy to use, and folds flat quickly. mine doesn't have the toy bar, unfortunately. but i'm not shelling out more money for a new one, that's for sure!

romaine said...

Can't get more adorable, his eyes are so warm and penetrating and he has the cutest smile!!