Monday, April 13, 2009

brunch outfit

nature baby singlet
nature baby footie
flora and henri lap tee
oeuf alpaca necktie

in the past week or so we've started venturing out in spite of this schizophrenic weather. nursing and diaper changes continue to be challenging, but having now nursed and changed diapers twice in the car (uncomfortable) and once at the saks womens' lounge (easy), we're starting to get the hang of it. leon definitely prefers being out in noisy places. he falls asleep pretty quickly and doesn't make a peep until he's hungry.

on saturday matthew, leon, and i went to sofra bakery to have brunch with stephanie and sean. leon had a great time getting dressed. that boy definitely loves his stripes.


melissa k w said...

he is so so so adorable.

Stephanie said...

I think the layering of stripes is the way to go. Tell Leon I may steal this for inspiration.

And people who are reading this blog: I can testify that as cute as this kid is in photos, he is TWELVE TIMES CUTER in person. We were smitten.

Lucys Place said...

Leon is the most gorgeous little man Audrey has ever seen. Stephanie, I can only imagine. Totally believe you. Love his outfits. Audrey was wearing her Nature Baby yesterday and today (different outfits, of course, they barely last a day with her little shoulder trinkets).

sk said...

What a gorgeous baby!

erica-knits said...

He is so dapper! Oh my! What a great outfit, and do I ever love that scarf. What a handsome fella.

Viv said...

Ah, cutie! If you're looking for more of those neckties, I know La Garconne always has those on sale (as well as a bunch of other cute baby things--though mostly for girls, I think).