Sunday, November 16, 2008


top: week 10
bottom: week 25

weight gain is a super tricky issue during pregnancy. it's like you're either gaining too much or too little, never the 'right' amount. every pregnancy is different, and just because you gain more or less than the recommended amount doesn't mean you're going to have a larger or smaller baby.

i've gained 6 pounds so far, but my recommended minimum weight gain is 14 pounds by 25 weeks. even though people often remark on how 'small' i am, i feel like i'm exactly the right size for me. as someone who still jogs 2-3 times a week, bicycles to school, and does yoga every few nights, it isn't surprising that my metabolism has kept up with my body's new demands. contrary to popular belief, you only need to add 300 calories a day beginning in the second trimester. i do this (more or less) by eating more yogurt, cheese, tofu, and fruit shakes. i have no food cravings, although i've been eating more meat lately. matthew has also been trying to wean me off white flour breads.

weight is one of those unavoidable issues. it's hard not to compare weight gain or belly size, but ultimately, your body knows what it's doing. when i'm hungry, i eat (easier said than done when you're nauseated for 4 months). in general, my life hasn't changed very much. i've always indulged in a brownie or two because 1) it makes me happy, 2) i'm fairly active, 3) i don't let it become a daily habit.

sure, there are days when i feel annoyed because it's so difficult to dress myself now that the weather is getting colder. i am not your poster child for pregnancy. the nausea, skin problems, hair loss, back pain, and mood swings aren't exactly endearing. but the things that i thought would really bother me, like weight gain or stretch marks, haven't really been an issue. one thing i've learned is to stop believing i know what's going on with my life. i've surprised myself in so many ways since june. and for a control-freak who micromanages everything, that's a good thing.


Viv said...

You still look great - I suspect women gain oodles of weight because they finally have an reason to not suck in their stomachs for almost a whole year. =)

I think that's liberation at its best.

But speaking of working out (hooray that you're keeping active), I met a visibly pregnant woman in my bikram yoga class. To each her own, but yikes!

anabela said...

Good for you! You have such a healthy approach and good attitude.

erica said...


i don't know if i would do bikram yoga, i've heard that you should avoid overheating while exercising, but hopefully she got the OK from her doctor/midwife.

jogging is getting a bit difficult now that the temps have dropped to the 30s. oh well!