Monday, November 3, 2008

new silhouette, no. 1

for the past two years i've been buying loose boxy tunics, tops, and dresses, thinking that they would be perfect maternity options. and it's true that pretty much everything that i own (except for pants and skirts) will fit for most of the pregnancy. but i've since learned that i lack the height to pull off these now that i'm rounder. the belt is my new best friend, and the shorter the skirt or dress, the better.

i don't really want to spend money on maternity clothing, and i've never cared for spandex in my tops, but i think i look best with form-fitting stretchy tops with ruching like this isabella oliver kimono t-shirt. i would never wear anything this tight except as an undershirt before because it made me feel bigger than i am, but nowadays i feel rotund without that definition. go figure!

oh, and those leggings i mentioned the other day? i've discovered that i can fold the waistband over my unbuttoned skirt. i'll probably wear them as long underwear under my jeans, too, which means i won't have to wear the bella band as often. the other big problem with the bella band is that the back rides up, exposing my lower back if i'm not careful.

turtle and her favorite lena corwin pillows.


LakeRuby said...

This seems like a cool idea for extending your current wardrobe into maternity wear

I'm not pregnant, but I want one!

erica said...

it looks similar to the bella band, but less tight around the hips, which could be more comfortable.

i'm not sure it'll help me keep my pants up, though. i think i'm fighting a losing battle on that front. i suppose i should just order a cheap pair of maternity denim from the gap.

Sara said...

i want to be pregnant just so i can buy this :)