Thursday, October 8, 2009

a tooth!

hat by bieq
wool pants by lucy's place

my parents were here recently and noticed that a bottom tooth is sprouting. considering all the trouble we've had with sleeping, i'm thankful that leon hasn't exhibited any of the classic teething symptoms.

on a side note, we are so excited for fall, especially because leon has inherited my special talent for hat-wearing.


Stephanie said...

Hooray! Teeth!

Boy, he looks cute in yellow. Hope maine was fantastic!

Catherine said...

Yay, go Leon! Some books say that the only thing teething produces is...teeth. I say baloney!

I hope the fact that Audrey has seven (yip you heard right) teeth is the reason she still wakes at night..but alas I think I am to blame for being so free with nursing.

Those boots in your previous post are so fab, I can't wait to see them on you. I wish we had better stockists here of overseas brands.

erica said...

7 teeth, i can't even imagine! has it made nursing more difficult? for some reason i am convince leon will be a biter. ouch!

if you ever have your eye on something, i can always ship it to you. i feel your pain. i've been trying to figure out a way to get my hands on a pair of koos boots from japan for ages now.

jones said...

that hat is phenomenal. leon is just so handsome.

Anna said...

What a great hat! I bought the Makie tassel hat for my 8 month old, Benjamin, and he isn't protesting as he did as a newborn, so here's hoping he'll gladly wear hats, too.

I always enjoy your regular blog but lately have followed along a bit with this blog, since our boys are close in age. I always mean to comment, but between B's constant activity and prepping for oral exams for the PhD (I'm sure you can relate) I'm easily distracted.

Our problems are less with sleeping and more with the constant need for attention in the waking hours. Benjamin seems easily bored and unwilling to play by himself for long. I'm sure this is a common complaint, but it's always nice to see, when you're going through a rough spot, that you aren't alone. And you aren't! I'm sure Leon's sleeping patterns will improve soon. It's so funny how quickly babies change; you could be surprised one day to find that it happened overnight.

Jessica said...

He is pretty darned cute in that yellow knit hat - all I can do right now is knit baby clothes (hats and pants). I refuse to call it nesting instead inspired by this lovely fall weather.

Catherine said...

Erica, yes a month or so ago teeth and nursing proved problematic. She bit down so hard she left me with two cuts and everytime she nursed...boy oh boy, I had to grip on to the chair to transfer some of the pain. I ended up holding her in a different position on that one side until it healed. Seriously, baby teeth are like little knives.

I think baby boys are more demanding than baby girls, from what I can tell. Though as teens, I read girls can be a handful and the boys are rational. Oh joy!