Monday, October 26, 2009

swine flu, pt. 2

leon's test came back POSITIVE. he doesn't have a fever, just nasal congestion as usual. he's playing with my wallet and having a grand time.

we're all going in to be tested this afternoon. i didn't feel too great on saturday, and i don't feel like i can't take super deep breaths, but hardly what you'd call 'labored breathing'. but that could just be a byproduct of my hypochondria. we'll see.


Stephanie said...


Oh man. I hope you are all loading up on chicken soup. Glad to hear that he doesn't seem to feel too terrible, though.

halfandhalf said...

Get well soon Leon!!

Catherine said...

So he does have swine flu?? Oh my goodness. How? Though it seems only those with underlying medical problems have a tough time, hopefully you'll all sail through this at the most feeling abit under the weather. I seriously thought it would come back negative. Hope you're all feeling beter in no time.