Friday, October 30, 2009

8 months

leon is nearly walking.

phew. i need to take a breather just thinking about it.

he pulls up to stand on pretty much everything, now. he's a fearless baby. if you don't help him walk, he'll start yelling at you. often he'll let go of your hands, turn to face outward, and start walking. if you don't follow along, more scolding from leon.

the slithering has definitely switched to proper crawling in the past three weeks. most of the time he's so anxious to get wherever it is he want to go that he will crawl with one foot flat on the ground. this guy is in a hurry.

lots of talking, babbling, communicating, too. where did my little baby go?

highlights of the past 8 months that i miss:
marionette dancing while on his back
sitting quietly in the bathtub
blowing raspberries

sleep is slowly improving. leon now will sleep a 2.5 hour chunk.

breastfeeding continues. lots of snacking every 2-3 hours during the day, and then guzzling from 6 to midnight. he also eats 3 meals a day. i wanted to try baby led weaning, but he nearly choked on a bit of apple that he managed to bite off with his tiny barely-there bottom teeth.

when he laughs (this happens all the time now), you can see those teeth nubbins. they're adorable, just as adorable as his gummy smile.

leon had his first hair-trim this week. his bangs kept getting in his eyes, so i snipped them. i didn't do a great job because i was afraid of cutting him. i hope they grow out ok. i really do want to grow his hair out, but my parents scolded me.

lots of scolding nowadays, plenty to go around. leon refuses to stay put while i change his diaper. the prefolds are really difficult to use. we may have to move on to pocket diapers or AIOs. i use the imse vimse flushable liner since he now eats food. you can wash the re-use them if it's only pee, because otherwise they're quite expensive.

i am still pining after the bugaboo cameleon. i don't know what's wrong with me, but every time i see one, my heart twinges. i wish i had just gone with my gut instinct and bought one in the first place, even though we have two strollers for half the price of a cameleon. the only way i can justify buying one now is by definitely having a second baby in the next 3-4 years. phew.


Mama and Papa said...

erica, i was just looking at your flickr photo of leon's baek-il and realized (gasp!) that alden is now as old as leon was when i met you guys! little leon seemed so big to me he's huge! and walking? oh my gosh. it goes by so quickly, doesn't it? unbelievable.

also, i have had stroller envy since seeing yours! the way it folds up so neatly and just stands there...nice. we have the bee (and have used it maybe a handful of times) and it's such a pain when folded. it doesn't want to stay closed and doesn't stand on its own. eh!

erica said...

haha, stroller envy is something i just can't get rid of, either!

i love that the micralite stands up. definitely my favorite feature. did you hear they're coming out with a new, more expensive bee? hmph!

hopefully we'll be in nyc in a few weeks. i'd love to meet alden. it really is amazing how quickly they change. leon really is huge, it's scary sometimes...

melissa k w said...

wow, he's already trying to walk! i often look at little hugh and just think he's frustrated at being 6 months old and is ready to run around and explore on his on.

my stroller obsession has waned a bit, although it still comes back to haunt me now and then. how do you like the toro? i wish i could add it to me arsenal, although i also wish the seat could reverse on it.

Mama and Papa said...

yes! let me know when you're coming. it would be great to see you guys!