Sunday, August 30, 2009

everything hits at once

the living room has turned into a crack den including a mattress pad on the floor. but i think the sheet really pulls the room together.

enjoying lunch at veggie planet in harvard square with friends sonja and chris.

wedging himself between the jumperoo and a file box.

leon's six month check-up went pretty well. we decided to do the pneumococcal conjugate next month, so he had DTaP, Hib and Polio this time. obviously i'll never know for certain, but he was much less fussy this time. he also avoided having a fever (99.9 was the highest temperature i took compared with 103 last time).

everyone comments that he's large for his age. at 27 1/2" (90th percentile), it isn't surprising, although he's only 16 lbs, 4 oz (50th percentile).

yesterday i bought a new pair of pyjamas from baby gap in size 6 to 12 months, although he still fits into his 3-6 months. because cloth diapers are bulkier, i try to use them when we're at home. hardly any of his pants and onesies fit over them. two new wool pants are arriving soon from new zealand (thank you catherine!), which i think will be perfect over the cloth diapers.

i also ordered a few more cloth diapers including two sustainablebabyish bamboo fleece fitteds for overnights. this past week was a first in the diaper leaking department. since he's been nursing so frequently at night, we now need to change his diaper at least once between 7 pm and 5 am. a few nights ago there was a bedwetting incident. and two nights ago matthew didn't snap his onesie over the diaper. i awoke to find my hand in a dirty diaper that leon had managed to pull off. note to all new mamas--a blowout is bad, but this is much worse. snap those onesies and pyjamas!!

i bought a luxe baby wool diaper cover. yes, we're finally starting wool covers, which are expensive but hopefully worth it in the long run. they're more breathable than the PUL waterproof covers, and i like that you can air them out between uses. i also bought (yes, i know, i've been buying a lot of things for leon!) a snuggle wool blanket for the side-car'd crib. i'm hoping this will make crib-sleeping more attractive to leon. i don't mind sharing the bedroom with him, nor do i mind him rolling over onto our bed, but it would be nice to have more space. it is only a full sized mattress, after all.

as you can see from the photos, our house isn't babyproofed. leon is starting to creep fairly efficiently which means that he no longer stays on our prescribed padded floor covering. there are cords and sharp corners and all sorts of things that he can now access.

the future is now!


pam said...

look how busy he is!! so inquisitive and so darn handsome. you're such a good mom, Erica. And The Hungry Caterpillar was a big favorite around our house (try Brown Bear for teaching him colors).

I owe you a big e-mail -- emjoying the sabbatical, can you tell ;)

Catherine said...

Indeed he is handsome, and so mobile - poor you! Before Lucy was properly crawling I went downstairs briefly, got sidetracked and stayed longer than a minute. Next thing I heard? A small baby bumping down the stairs. Not good. ‘Be prepared for everything and expect anything’ is my new motto.

And yip, the house can get overrun with ‘stuff’. I think it's trial and error as far as toys and gadgets are concerned though there are some standout toys (a good moving music mobile for awake (not sleeping) times), the gymini which I've ranted about before (my best ever buy), and small toys with different textures/shapes. I think overall, a good mat and a few toys and visually stimulating books would be more than enough, though it's easy to get carried away. I. Know.

I was looking at Lucy's shoes the other days (Vans and Converse in size 3m). Never again! Audrey didn't put a single foot in them.

Enjoy Leon's every stage, as they do really pass quickly.