Saturday, August 22, 2009

6 months

leon is one crazy funny kid. we've been playing hide and go seek on the bed. i hide behind a piled up blanket and pop my head up at various points. leon thinks it's the most hilarious thing and laughs hysterically while wiggling and flopping like a seal.

he is also trying his damndest to crawl. this means more push-ups, but he still hasn't figured out how to get up on his knees. this frustrates him to no end. i prescribed more tummy time, which he does somewhat grudgingly. like me, patience isn't one of his strong suits.

i also find it fascinating that his favorite objects are paper and electronics. even trying to edit my chapter is a perilous task because his sticky little hands are constantly trying to grab the sheets of paper and stuff them into his mouth. crinkly plastic is also a major draw.

sitting, crawling, walking, eating solids. i feel like all of these things are going to happen in rapid succession very very soon. let's hope his sleep schedule settles down soon, too.

speaking of crawling, does anyone have recommendations for padded floor mats? i like the skip hop foam tiles, but i have a feeling that the cats would completely destroy them in about two days. even the cheaper foam tiles would suffer the same fate. i don't know, but the thought of having to clean up the ripped up foam bits every day is unappealing.


Margaret said...

leon is super adorable! i had to comment to prevent you from buying the skiphop tiles.....they are cute but before long my baby was pulling the whole thing apart and chewing on all the pieces. i wish i had gotten the solid color 2x2 tiles from friend has them and they are so plain and nice.
also, i use cotton diapers too. you're a saint for continuing with it when you don't have a w/d in your apartment! i really love the sposoeasy diaper that i get from they are pricey but great. and once babies get older they stay in the same size for longer. we've been using the same size for 6 months and still fits fine.

melissa k w said...

i know several people who have the skip hop tiles and really like them. we were going to get them ourselves, but you have a good point about the cats. i'm not sure that my cat would want to scratch them, though. she tends to just like to scratch the furniture (unfortunately) -- things that are upright.

it goes without saying, but leon is SUCH a cutie. little hugh has starting laughing and we look forward to the day he laughs at everything. like his parents do.

erica said...

thanks for the sposoeasy suggestion. i had been looking at them, but it's great to hear that you like them. leon is getting a little too wiggly for the prefolds.

the giggling is so wonderful, especially because matthew is such a pro at tickling leon. nothing makes me happier than seeing them laughing together.

nikole said...

oh he's getting so big! wow, his hair is so cute.