Tuesday, July 7, 2009

touch your toes, touch your nose

nyc must have done wonders for leon. ever since we returned, he's been rolling from side to side, grabbing plates and cups, pulling his socks off, and finally rolling onto his back. he 'talks' nearly constantly, mimicking sounds that i make, and can't stop wiggling. we throw him up in the air and his giggles are incandescent. one of these days we'll get it on video.

leon had a fever of 103.1 from the vaccines two weeks ago, but we kept on with the tylenol until he was back to normal. i hope he doesn't continue to have bad reactions to his vaccines, especially since there are so many left to take.


behold, leon's second rollover. the first happened while i was sorting papers next to him. i heard a thud, and there he was, frowning at me instead of doing tummy time. he's also quite good at wiggling on his tummy so that he slowly turns like the hands on a clock.


joyce said...

oh my goodness. the cuteness is killing me!

all the photos are adorable, but the one second from top is my favorite. love the socks. love the facial expression -- as if he's seeing his toes for the very first time.

Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

Clever, clever Leon! Audrey did a roll-over the other day while I was getting her undressed for the bath. I, too, heard a thud as she flipped over almost hitting her head on the tile floor. Caught me totally by surprise (AKA a heart attack). She has done the odd one before but not enough for me to expect them.

Is Leon teething yet? Audrey has been dribbling non-stop for the past couple of months now (reuired multiple top changes throughout the day), and two weeks ago (at the age of 4.5 months!) sprouted two teeth. Lucy got hers bang on six months so it was quite a surprise. Not that flash for nursing though...

melissa k w said...

that is the cutest, funniest thing ever!