Tuesday, July 21, 2009

shopping for fall

maybe it's because today was cool and rainy, but i'm already looking forward to leon's fall wardrobe. this little jersey coat would be perfect with one of catherine's wool pants. plus a pair of lambskin booties, a merino long sleeve kimono top, and leon's bieq mia knitted hat in the cheeriest yellow, and he's set for crisp autumnal strolls.

we're also trying out applecheeks diaper covers. they have the most beautiful colors that i've seen so far.

*EOWE for 10% off and free shipping on Boden. i just ordered the coat for leon.


Catherine said...

What a super little coat, especially the knit fabric and stripe lining. I have wool coating ready to sew into little coats too (Karen Walker teal grey and also a cream colour) but mainly for toddlers. I love the knit idea for infants/crawlers. Actually, I cut out coat pieces for Audrey (from felted pure wool) but haven't sewed it up yet - I bet she's outgrown it now, dang. I'll get cracking tomorrow and find out.

melissa k w said...

thanks for all the links to the lovely baby items! you always find the best stuff. i hope things have gotten better at night and that you aren't having to get up quite so much.

we are thinking of trying cloth diapers, too. we've been using seventh generation mostly and haven't had too many blowouts. but it's amazing how much extra trash we're creating with disposables.

love your last few posts. the video of leon rolling over is hilarious! and the little faces he makes -- happy or sad -- are priceless.

jen thomas said...

Please let us know how you like the Apple Cheeks diaper covers. The colors are great and I am considering buying some. Are you going to get the bamboo inserts too?