Thursday, October 30, 2008

not on my baby budget list

sometimes after a day of despondently plugging numbers into a calculator, i like to look at extravagantly expensive and beautiful things that i definitely won't be buying.

one of my favorite online baby shops is fawn and forest, primarily because they carry wonderful handmade items from wonderful artists like sian keegan and tiny warbler. but honestly, i can't afford ninety percent of what they carry.

how do you stay true to your design sensibilities when all the lovely things for the baby are so expensive? in an ideal world, matthew the architect would take up woodworking among other things (like building me a house in maine). not to mention, i've heard that diffusion furniture lines at target and walmart are shoddily constructed and have strong chemical smells. for now, i think we're leaning towards ikea with a dash of flea market repurposing.

here's what i would include in my fantasy nursery (which is also in my fantasy three-bedroom apartment):

offi nest crib, $2,499
kalon studios ioline changing trunk, $740


breathe said...

Oh no, where did you hear about the toxic smells of the Target Dwell Studio line? That is really horrible and good to know! Good luck on your "fantasy" nursery, which I'm sure will come together when you're finally in your "nesting" phase! :)

erica said...

i can't remember exactly where i read that, but it was in one of those modern design baby blogs that i randomly stumble across and forget to bookmark. i suppose it wouldn't hurt to order it and see if it smells odd. i do love target...