Wednesday, October 29, 2008

things to come

second anniversary outfit, june 3, 2008.

this photograph marks, more or less, the beginning, though we didn't know it then.

due dates are estimates only. but it's something to hold on to during these long yet paradoxically short months.
february 24, 2009.
matthew will be 26, i'll be 29. we will (hopefully) have 1.5 years left before we go on the job market. that's 1.5 years for this baby boy to be a new englander. i will have lived in cambridge for 5.5 years.

name brainstorming has begun, budget lists have been drawn up, but nothing aside from lovely clothing from flora and henri and nature baby has been purchased. we like to procrastinate. i also find clothing to be an easy distraction from hard questions about car seat safety test results and stroller reviews.

this is a blog about waiting. there will probably be a lot of photos of me in various 'maternity' outfits for now. not too much complaining, i hope, but lots of honesty about what happens when a grad student trying to finish a dissertation decides to start a family. and soon, more photos and comments about the baby than you could ever imagine. if you thought i took too many photos of my cats, just wait. i think it's time to buy a nice digital SLR camera.


Romy Natalia said...

Yay future baby! I'll send you a list of names that are popular in these parts as well as a list of old school conquistador style names that you would never in a million years want to yell across a park or cheer at during a future graduation (think: Teofilo, Anastasio, Modesto). Also if you want I can sneaky sneaky give you our Consumer Reports login so you can check out baby stuff.

Prudence said...

I can't wait!

erica said...

consumer reports login info? oh boy, that would be great. i've been considering whether or not i should pay up so i can have access to their reviews.

Anabela said...

A boy! At the moment none of my favourite boy names are coming to me (I do like French names, and oddly enough, super preppy names), but oooh, names are fun. Stressful for you, maybe, but fun!

Shopgirl said...

Oh, I just got all teary eyed. I guess I am a softy (shh, don't want that to get out and ruin my "rep"; I blame my hormones). A lil' mini you and Matthew, how can that not be awesome?! You know you want a Jared, Jerome or Geraldo! Yes you can thank Emily and me for those ;)

erica said...

oh my god, geraldo, why didn't i think of that before?

i was hoping for ignatius because i thought we could call him 'nacho' (i.e. ignacio), but for some reason matthew doesn't find that to be funny...

why are girl names so much easier?

fanja said...

I am so excited for you! lucky both of you for being so young..
we had an elaborate list of boys name for the first one, didn't use any of them at the birth.we saw his face and chose the first name that came naturally x

erica said...


i can't even imagine the list of names you had, both your sons' names seem to suit them so perfectly.

we have a name now, but i think we'll wait until we see him, too.