Wednesday, June 13, 2012


elias and leon at about 10 weeks.

they both have such bright eyes, but whereas leon's gaze is so intense and sharp, elias' is relaxed and welcoming. i have been dealing with so many conflicting emotions since elias's birth, i wish i had time to write them down. some days i feel wistful because things are so much easier one-on-one with elias. the coos and babbling, the healthy weight gain, the long stretches of sleep at night....i feel like a first time parent, these are all new things to me.


Mona said...

Perhaps we are parents are more relaxed but it seems that more often than not the second child is happier and more relaxed. Not always but so much more often it seems. Yours are both beautiful, here to wishing your good rest and sleep

erica said...

thanks, mona! elias slept 10 hours last night. i had the distinct feeling that something was wrong, but no, he's just a happy baby who loves to eat and sleep. just being around him makes me more relaxed.