Saturday, May 28, 2011

for the record

last night was the first  time leon slept through the night. he was also alone in his bed. 9 pm -- 5.30 am. oh, and i have not nursed him through the night, 11 days and counting.

27 months, but we're almost there.


melissa said...

Oh my, that's crazy, but congratulations. I can't imagine waiting that long for a full night's sleep (I pray this next baby is a good sleeper)! You've really been through the wringer.
Congrats on Toronto, by the way! So excited for you guys!

Shelley Barandes said...


Wait, is there another on the way? Or was that a reference to a hypothetical future perfect?

Jessica said...

go mama go. You must have felt like a whole new person! I know the first time Ollie slept through the night (around 14 months) I thought I could rule the world (until about 4pm). I am wishing you progress!

Jessi said...

yeah for sleep! my almost 2 year old goes back and forth from sleeping really good - to being up a few times a night..last night she slept the whole was much needed!

Catherine said...

Wahoo! I didn't realise you were updating Leon's blog so I was thrilled to come over and find such great news. By the way, Audrey stopped nursing at 2y 2m. I thought she would never stop. Lucy weaned herself at 14 months, quite a difference. Leon's such a charmer, such a gorgeous impish face.

*** KITSCH *** said...

i have a baby 2 years old. He sleep alone since the first day he was borne, in his own room, he has never need us for sleeping but now he needs me for a moment touching his head before i leave and put his teddy on his arms, and sometimes he calls me for 30 min before falling asleep.
But we did not have a full sleeping night till he was 10 months, he used to cry asking for his pacifier 4 or 5 times everyday.

I understand you so much!

You are on the good way!