Thursday, September 10, 2009

baby proofing

snuggle wool blanket (not a sheepskin!)

thank you. we're doing better, although leon had a meltdown on the way home from a very early dinner (5.30-6.30). i had to skip his bedtime routine (solid food, book, bath, music) because he was losing it. i'm pretty sure he didn't mind skipping right to the main event, though.

so now that he's mobile and on the verge of crawling properly--i give him two weeks--we've started clearing out the living room so it's leon-friendly. last weekend i packed up 6 boxes of books and matthew put three bookcases along with our coffee table in storage. we have two bookshelves that we lined along one wall to partially block the radiator. i've been looking at montessori-inspired blogs for ideas, and the main thing i decided to do was create interesting spaces for leon to play. these cubbyholes are perfect for storing toys in baskets or displaying his favorite picture cards (the eames' house of cards). right now he loves visiting each 'station' and pulling out the toys. sometimes we sit together and he goes through a basket, which i find to be inexplicably charming.

i'm going to order a few wooden toys to place on top of the cubbyholes to entice leon to pull himself up. these by little sapling toys would be perfect.

i'm trying hard to resist buying too many toys, but sometimes i just can't say no. for instance, these wooden puzzles with peg handles would be perfect for leon to practice his pincer grasp.

the living room transformation




many more books to pack before we move next year. not to mention the few hundred novels that are at my parents' place. someday when we're settled i'd like to be reunited with them. thank goodness for the postal service's media mail rate.


Anonymous said...

oh yay!
as a montessorian... i'm so psyched you're looking towards montessori! if you need any help/ ideas/ etc in that department... i'm here for you!
i dream of the day when i can have a montessori household...
good luck erica... i'm thinking of you... (and hoping you can get the lovely jacket you want!)

Catherine said...

Leon's such a lucky boy to have such a fun and creative mum (or mom as you would say). I love the play stations you've set up. I better lift my game. Audrey has interchangeable toys on her gymini but that's about it.

I looked into Montessori for Lucy but haven't gotten very far. Here they have to accept you in, you don't just decide you want to go.

melissa k w said...

i just got a teether from little sapling toys. it's lovely and hugh took to it immediately. want to get that stacking toy for sure.

your place looks great! i wish i were a 6-month-old baby rolling around on that floor.