Sunday, May 10, 2009

this little scamp of mine

leon laughed for the first time three days ago while taking his bath. i was washing his chin and neck when all of a sudden he chucked heartily. he has also become very grabby with his clothing, and i've noticed that he prefers his left hand to his right.

also, for a few days he was chewing on his lower lip whenever he felt frustrated or concerned. bath time can be nerve-wracking, especially when we're lifting him out of the tub. i was worried this would become a long-term habit. but, as i'm quickly learning, babies are anything but predictable. last night i was able to photograph his new coping mechanism--the pout.


Stephanie said...

Look at that lip!

The kid knows how to work it. Seriously, he is too cute. I hope you get to capture a Leon-laugh on video - I'd love to see that.

pam said...

Beautiful. That seems to be all I can say about this amazing little guy. Stephanie is right -- he is seriously working it. I would love to see the laugh, too.

jones said...

such a little ham. a little striped ham!

MrsEm said...

What a funny little bean! Aristotle thought that babies received their souls when they laughed for the first time. There is a whole great Radio Lab episode about it:

romaine said...

drop-dead cute! I bet everyone that sees him wants to hold him!

Maybe Leon is a lefty. When my son was a wee baby, he would tug at his ear with his left hand and seemed to do more things with it than he would with his right hand. When I brought this up to the doctor, he said that it can only be determined at 2 or more years if a child is going to be a lefty and that what I was observing didn't mean much. Six plus years later and my son is [still] left-handed. I didn't observe my daughter using her left hand more as a baby, and she is right-handed.

breathe said...

Hi Erica. If Leon is having trouble with baths, maybe using a tummy tub might help. I saw it the other day on the today show:

It's supposed to make bathing your child easier because it mimics being in the womb and babies seem to love it. Here is the website:

Maybe this will help keep Leon clean and happy! Good luck and hang in there!