Sunday, May 10, 2009

the most important milestone

well, not really. i mean, i think touching his toe was an accident because he hasn't repeated the feat in a few days. but i seriously consider toe-grabbing to be the cutest thing a baby can do. i hope leon isn't too embarrassed that i've posted a photo of him without any pants or underwear on.

still isn't sleeping more than 4 hours at night, still likes to cluster feed once an hour (at least) for four to six hours in a row, still has the startle reflex, and still makes me laugh more than he makes me cry.

happy mother's day.


Sara said...

he is seriously one of the cutest babies!

Katie said...

I second that. Seriously.
He's adorable.

Romy Natalia said...

Yay! Leon is so cute!! I'm so happy you're still posting about him so I can see him grow up all the way from Paraguay!