Sunday, December 21, 2008

paige maternity denim

two months left....(31 weeks)

so i drove up to portsmouth, new hampshire, to this shop in the freezing rain because that's apparently what crazy pregnant people do, and picked up a pair of paige maternity jeans (laurel canyon, mckinley wash).

do i love them? sometimes yes, sometimes no. i bought them in a 29, which is supposedly the equivalent of a 6, even though i normally wear 28s in earnest sewn, habitual, and apc, because 'they' recommend you order at least one size up (if not two!) during your third trimester. anyway, the shop didn't have 28s, and i was convinced i needed maternity jeans Right Now.

in retrospect, a 28 would fit me better because this pair looks great until they start falling down. also, i would recommend a full-belly panel because this one hits at belly-button. i am still assuming that i will gain a bit more weight in non-belly regions, so these jeans will probably fit perfectly by february. or so i tell myself.

i'm not even bothering to hem them because i'm going to sell them on ebay as soon as i can. honestly, i'm so uncomfortable with the baby hitting my ribs that i'd probably still be quietly whining to myself even if someone gave me the most comfortable maternity outfit ever to wear.

oh, and he really likes to hang out on my right side, which may be a result of poor posture (hello bike bag) earlier in the pregnancy. i've been doing yoga stretches in a sad attempt to entice him to center himself, but to no avail. the midwife told me that the hard navel orange sized mass is his rump. this would be endearing if it weren't so uncomfortable every time he shifts his little behind. if you look carefully, you can see how skewed my belly is....


Lucy said...

Such a cute little belly! I find my maternity pants fit better when there is more of a bump, and when the stretchy panel sits above the belly button. Your jeans really do look great on you, but I understand what you're saying about them sliding down.

Also, Lucy 2 is always hanging out on my right side. I think they just find a nice spot to swim in and stay there. The baby always has her head low down so I get this lovely (sic) pressure-type feeling when I have to crouch down or bend over. There is a book called Gentle Birth Method which may give you a few ideas on how to get more comfortable. Written by obstetrician Gowri Motha (obstetrician to the stars if that makes any difference). A good read, borrow it if you can rather than buying it. She also wrote Gentle First Year.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

erica said...

thanks for the book tip, i will see if i can find it at the public library. some days i definitely feel like there is an alien creature inside of me, now that he is starting to 'roll' more than 'punch.'

i am still so jealous that you can fit into your regular jeans.

i hope your holidays are lovely, too!