Wednesday, December 10, 2008

baby shower + trying to nest

photo by p.

last saturday was baby shower no. 1, also known as the one with art historians. apparently i'm having another one at the end of january with matthew's fellow architecture students.

i am sorry for being so absent from this blog, but things have been so hectic that the baby has (gasp) been the last thing i worry or think about lately! after spending 20 or so weeks worrying about whether or not he was ok, i've now switched to the mindset that he is the only thing in my life that is going according to plan and without any noticeable effort on my part. sure, i'm 'growing' him and all, but he doesn't really bother me except for a loving hiccup or kick to the ribs. i think i love him already!

anyway, my parents are coming for four days beginning tomorrow morning. the house is messy, as always. yesterday was my last day of teaching, and it ended on a high note. i have a mountain of papers to grade, and a final exam to administer in mid january, but for now i can spend the day buying air humidifiers, groceries, getting the car washed, and maybe sneak in a few pages of writing. nesting really hasn't begun for me, but we're buying a friend's crib next week. i think that subtle changes to our apartment layout will be the kick in the pants that i need to start preparing for the baby.

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breathe said...

Best of luck with your mountain of papers! I like how you've framed the baby as a lovable constant, demanding nothing but growth. :)