Tuesday, November 8, 2011

double trouble

leon's serious grown-up face

leon's naughty imp face

i was so certain that this new baby was a girl, but the 19 week ultrasound scans leave little doubt in my mind. unlike leon where i took their word for it, i'm 99.99% positive that this is another boy.

a small part of me is wistful because of my love of girl clothing, but i'm also thrilled that leon will have a brother and i won't have to buy a new wardrobe for this kid.

also, i don't know about you, but this very creepy 3-d scan makes me think this boy is going to look a lot like leon. i had no idea the technician was going to do a 3-d scan, but i'm glad she did since this will be my first and only glimpse before birth.


melissa said...

i felt the same way as you -- a teeny sad (if that's the word) i wasn't having a girl, but so excited to have another boy.

and now that wyatt's here i wouldn't trade him for anything.

congratulations! i hope you're feeling better...

Lena said...

a brother for leon! i have two other pregnant friends who found out in the last few weeks that they are having a 2nd boy. both a teeny bit sad... but said the sadness didn't last long. among my friends there are so many more boy babies! maybe you should treat yourself by buying some wonderful expensive baby boy clothes.

dp said...

i'm pretty wild about Bonpoint's boys shirts + cardigans [for the ultra preppy look]. the shirts tend to be impeccable ... some even have french seams (swoon). From the picture, it also looks like you've found flora & henri's essentials ... the 'hershey' color is on super sale right now & is kind of amazing. also 'off cloud.'

Sara said...

I was kind of convinced that one of the boys was a girl (one was measuring smaller early on) but 3 months in I can say that having two boys rocks! I think it will be so fun for them to grow up with a brother.
They have the cutest clothes, and I also enjoy bucking stereotypes and putting them in pink (Benjamin looks like a little angle in his pink swaddle blanket).

jenny gordy said...

congrats on your pregnancy! leon is getting so darn handsome.