Monday, October 18, 2010


thanks for all the comments, advice, and support. it appears leon is slowly settling back to his regular schedule. maybe it was a growth spurt. either way, it was scary to see how quickly things fell apart for me. i'm looking forward to the day when sleeping more than 3 hours at a time is normal rather than a special treat!

i just wanted to share a photo that was taken by a much much nicer camera (nikon slr of some sort). all i have is a canon powershot, nothing fancy. i was stunned by how beautiful this photo turned out. it made me a little wistful. i have so many blurry, grainy photos of leon as a newborn, and i wish i could go back in time and take better photos with a fancy camera.

if i were in the market for a new camera, but didn't want to spend $900, what would you recommend for an active toddler who is often photographed indoors (less than ideal lighting)? i sent this photo to my parents in a not-so-subtle attempt to convince/guilt them to buy us a new camera for christmas + my birthday. after all, they're leon's biggest fans, and who wouldn't want to plaster their fridge with crisp, high res photos of their beloved grandbaby?


Catherine said...

What a darling shot, wow. Surely Leon can take some of the credit for it, but I too would love to know about good cameras. I have a Canon Ixus 55 and admit I mainly point and shoot (though now I am pointing and shooting blind as Audrey cracked the screen last night). It has held up well to many drops and roughhousing though, so I am very impressed with its durability, and in its defence I could have used it to much more of it's capabilities if I took the time to learn. A digital SLR would be rather nice though.

melissa said...

i shoot with a canon powershot g10 which is like a beefed-up point-and-shoot. it's really nice, you can shoot manually and it also takes great video. but i've also wanted to get a good digital slr for the same reasons as you. i've had my eye on the canon eos rebel t1i:
still pricey, but everyone tells me it's all about the lens. i'm thinking of getting the body + a good 50mm lens (which will end up being around $900). but you can get it with a kit lens for less.
hope santa is nice to you this year.

dp said...

Oh my.. a shot for the ages !

We hired a prof. photog. in pursuit of that '1 image' of Nor i could look at 30 years from now & be transported back to her childhood. It was outdoorsy, artistic, very nice. But also a thousand dollars(ie, a one time deal).

Here's another vote for Canon SLRs ... if we were in the market today, we'd get the Canon T2i.
For a smaller point & shoots camera, we use an older Fuji F30 that is great for indoor, low-light. The newer version of this camera is the Fuji F300, which we haven't tried.

Albertine Press said...

I can't believe how old he looks! I think Sadie is the same way - it sort of sneaks up on you.

I was gifted a Canon T1i this summer and love it. I still haven't used any of the video features. I'd picked out the Xsi which doesn't have video, but the in-laws found some sort of deal. Anyway, I love it and it takes great pictures in and out (all of our recent blog pics have been with the new camera).

We should playdate again soon. To sweet dreams!

L said...

I have a Canon Rebel XSI that I love... was a nice entry into the world of digital SLRs for me since I had only owned point and shoot cameras.

Robin said...

My friends have a Pentax DSLR that they love, it takes amazing shots. I have a Nikon D50 I bought when my son was born (he's 3.5 now) and still love it but not sure if they make it anymore. I did see that the Pentax K-x is a best buy from Consumer Reports and has lots of great reviews. It is less than $500. Good luck!

jones said...

that is a gorgeous photo. such a handsome boy. I have a canon rebel of the three/four year old variety. I love it. I almost exclusively use a 50mm lens ($100) and it is perfect for indoor/lower light settings.

jennifer said...

I have a Canon S90. It's compact, but seems to work almost as well as an SLR. It also has a "kids and animals" setting to capture fast moving critters.

kristin said...

we just got ourselves a nikon slr [d5000] + a lens for low light. we have lots to learn but immediately noticed a fantastic difference in the quality of our photos. happy shopping :)

Nat said...

Leon´s looking so cute! Since you already have a camera I´d go for an HD videocam instead. Alex´s parents got us a waterproof HD Sanyo Xacti and we are digging it so far. It can take stills as it records as well. Too bad we haven´t had time to download anything off the memory card yet!
In the meantime I am always a fan of using a prog. like Photoshop to colorcorrect and otherwise beef up any pics. Can make a huge difference. Always shoot in the highest definition/largest file size possible! Hope we can skype soon!