Wednesday, March 31, 2010


important phone call from erica kim on Vimeo.

i also like to pace when i'm on the phone.


melissa said...

little leon, making the deal.
buy sell buy sell!

i love him! he's adorable.

Catherine said...

Hularious! Does he sound like you when you're on the phone? I wonder what he is thinking when he sees you chatting away on the phone yet when he picks it up and talks, no-one talks back. Must be very confusing for babies when you think about it!

And I don't know what is more adorable, Leon chatting away or that little nappy butt of his in a onesie. Very, very cute.

Jessica said...

how cute! it is nice to see him toddling around

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

stacey said...

i just found your blog tonight .
i have a 6 month old boy and am completely sleep deprived .
reading your older posts is giving me such a feeling of connection and hope.
thank you for your raw honesty .
as i venture into what might be another sleepless night i feel more supported.
i know what i'll be doing on the sleepless nights: reading through your older posts !
please keep writing on this blog!