Tuesday, March 24, 2009

getting dressed is such a chore

onesie by stephanie
jelly baby changing pad

newborn sized diapers are getting too tight...

flora and henri lap-tee

makie hadagi

you'd think any son of mine would love getting dressed in the morning. poor leon, his patience is sorely tested as i try out various outfits on him. just wait until he's older. we'll both be late for appointments due to last-minute wardrobe changes.


Lucys Place said...

After swimming around sans restrictive clothes, would you?!

However I am sure he will come to appreciate the comfortable and stylish clothes his Mama has dressed him in, and at such a tender age!

erica said...

oh, leon certainly loves to be without clothing, as i witnessed during a recent diaper change. he's going to have so much fun this summer!

Moya said...

He is one beautiful (and well dressed) baby.

Stephanie said...

Ha ha. Too cute!