Saturday, February 7, 2009

week 24 v. week 37

my joints are all loosey-goosey nowadays, but boy am i grateful that i can still walk at a pretty fast pace. i have so much left to do in terms of writing that it seems like i'm always rushing around looking for books. i thought i would calmly knit a few booties during these final weeks, but i feel much happier sticking to my regular workload.

baby things accomplished this week:
diaper trash can (just a small one from simple human)
put up wall art over the crib
ordered a mattress from my local foam store (the owner is ancient and very sweet)
bought diapers (we're going to wait and see whether we'd like to sign up for a diaper service)
met with our doula, who showed us laboring positions and helped strategize (really helpful)
bought a nursing top on sale from japanese weekend
ordered a larger fridge for my mom
tried out the microlite stroller and decided to postpone our stroller purchase until we find out what's happening with mountain buggy.

still left to do:
do i really need an infant bunting suit?
install car seat and have it inspected
pack hospital bag with goodies like smart water and rice chips
finish putting away books and other piles of stuff
keep looking for a used poang chair on craigslist


Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

Definitely not long to go now. You look petitely pregnant, so cute!

I've packed my hospital bag too. I don't know about your side of the world, but I have been advised to take a couple of pillows in as the hospital ones are thin on the ground, not to mention thin. No good for getting comfortable with. Also, and this is a quote not something I have conjured up myself - I've packed some Calcium tablets, and read that taking enough tablets to make up a single dose of 2000mg taken when strong contractions start may greatly reduce pain. Apparently in the old days prior to the pain relievers we know of today existing, injections of calcium were given. Fancy that.

Anyway, off I go; every night I wonder will this be it. I never thought I would get this far (40 weeks in a few days). All the best in case this is your time!

erica said...

thanks for the calcium suggestion. at any rate, taking a few extra probably won't hurt.

the midwives suggested i bring pillowcases (familiar scent), but that's a good idea to just bring the pillows.

MrsEm said...

Well done! You got a lot of your list checked off :)

erica said...


it really did help to set aside time like you suggested and keep track of my list. although now i feel a bit like a headless chicken, but that's probably because it's finally hitting home that there's going to be baby here soon!